Your Towels & Linens Laundered in 24 Hours


Mango Cleaners & Laundry provides a special overnight wash/dry/fold service for Airbnb and VRBO hosts.

We pick up your towels and sheets and return them the very next weekday for a flat fee of $30, and $25 for each additional bag, which includes pick up and delivery.

Our services saves hosts time:

  • 75 minutes is the average wash/dry time.
  • Water/sewer charges
  • Electricity/gas
  • Washer & dryer repairs and maintenance
  • Washer & dryer purchase and replacement costs

Our services are convenient:

Not having to shop for laundry supplies, detergent, etc…

Our services save the planet:

Home washing machines are one of the biggest sources that cause “plastic soup” in the oceans. Commercial laundry care is 2-3 times more environmentally friendly than home washers/dryers.

Our services save even more time:

It’s not just the 75 minutes per wash/dry cycle, it’s the time to shop for laundry supplies, to arrange repairs and to purchase and arrange delivery and installation of your new machines. The more you use them, the faster they break.