Too Busy for Laundry? Join our Club!

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Now adding Endex-99, an industrial sanitizer, to all laundry in an effort to fight against COVID-19.

Members of the Mango Laundry Club enjoy the freedom to spend more time doing the things they love.

It’s so easy with our weekly wash-dry-fold service. You can enjoy the freedom of never doing laundry again! When you join the Mango Laundry Club, you save time and money by having your laundry delivered, to your door, every week for one, flat monthly rate. Whether you want your laundry picked-up from your home or office, every delivery is free!

How the Mango Laundry Club Works

  • Choose from weekly service, bi-weekly service, twice-a-week service or occasional service.
  • We provide each member with one 20" × 14" × 15" black bag, large enough for most households.
  • A $10 bag deposit will be refunded upon bag return.
  • You can fill your bag as full as you like with clothes, bedding, towels, etc. If you routinely need an extra bag, it’s only an extra $25 per pick-up.
  1. We go to your place and pick up your laundry.
  2. We take it to our place where we separate:
    • Darks
    • Lights
    • Towels
    • Jeans
    • Delicates
    • Reds
  3. We wash using commercial washers which use 30% less water. We use the very best detergent made with nanotechnology, which makes clothes especially clean. You can smell the freshness.
  4. We dry using commercial dryers with sensor technology which are 40% more efficient than home dryers.
  5. We fold and, if you prefer, we can put some items of your choosing on hangers.
  6. We deliver back to your place.

Referral Program

We value our loyal Laundry Club members! Spread the word to your friends. If you refer a friend, you both receive a $25 credit!

Dry Cleaning & Other Special Services

We know that our Club members have cleaning needs beyond weekly laundry. Just use the red bag we provide for anything that needs to be dry cleaned or pressed. Mango Laundry Club members receive a 10% discount on all of our additional services, including:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Dress shirt laundry & pressing
  • Area rugs
  • Shoe repairs

Visit our Services page for a full list of specialty cleaning services to make your life even easier. The Mango Laundry Club is owned by Mango Cleaners, which provides environmentally friendly and dependable services, all completed in-house. Who better to do your laundry than a dry cleaner?


Is this the greatest time saver ever?

  • We’d like to think so. Joining the Mango Laundry Club allows you to do what you want with your free time rather than washing and folding laundry all evening.

Will my weekly laundry fit in the black bag you provide?

  • Most 1-2 person households find that 1 large bag per week is sufficient. If you need 2 bags per week, it’s only an additional $100 per month for a total of $249.

Can I change my pick-up location?

  • Sure! Our goal is to make this convenient for you. Our delivery is based on location, so if you change your address, your pick-up and delivery days may change. Visit our Pick-Up and Delivery page for details on delivery routes, and call 813-684-4955 to update your information.

Are there any limits to referrals?

  • Not at all! Refer as many people as possible. Let’s say you get 12 people to sign- up, that’s one year of FREE laundry service for you.

What about vacations?

  • No problem! Just leave us a note the week before when we pick-up your laundry telling us you won’t be home the next week. We will hold your clothes until you return.

Laundry Club Monthly Rates

Weekly Service: $139/month
Occasional Service: $44/pickup
Bi-Weekly Service: $79/month
Each additional bag: $25/pickup

Join the Mango Laundry Club

Start your order below or get our free app in the Apple Store or Google Play or just text “Mango” to 555888