Wedding Gown Preservation

You went to great lengths to make the wedding memorable, but are you doing anything to keep your wedding dress as you remember it? Up there with the rings, the photographs, and the mental snapshots, the wedding dress is one of the more important keepsakes from your big day, but many people do not realize that preserving it goes well beyond just sticking it in a box or plastic bag at the back of the closet. We have seen the damage that can be done by keeping a dress in a box and subjecting it to years of temperature fluctuations, and sealing it in a bag with even a tiny amount of moisture from the atmosphere can do significant amount of damage over time.

Our cleaning and preservation process allows you to pull out—and possibly pass down—your wedding dress with confidence. It provides the best protection, guarding it from yellowing, mold, and mildew. After we hand clean and air dry your wedding gown, it is layered with acid-free tissue and gently folded into our acid-free, museum-quality chest. Our process is so thorough that we ask owners to wear a pair of white gloves for the inspections of the gown in the unsealed chest. After your inspection, the chest is then wrapped in muslin.

Wedding Gown Preservation Pricing

Most wedding gowns are hand cleaned and preserved in a museum-quality, acid-free wedding chest for $385; Veils are included at no extra charge. Additional costs will be incurred for:

  • Detachable trains: $25
  • Gloves: $10

Wedding Gown Preservation FAQ

How long does it take?

  • Wedding gown preservation takes 2 weeks for normal processing.
  • Some companies make you wait up to six months to get your wedding gown back. We really don’t know why they take so long; but, we think 2 week service should be the standard.

Can I inspect my wedding dress once it has been cleaned and preserved?

  • Absolutely! We encourage you to look over your wedding dress with a pair of white gloves, which we provide to you at no extra charge. Some cleaners seal their boxes, in an attempt to maintain the preservation. We NEVER seal a wedding dress in a box, as sealing traps moisture and promotes mold and mildew growth. We package your wedding gown in a museum-quality, acid-free preservation container covered with a muslin wrap.

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Our Locations

How do I get my wedding gown to you?

  • You can bring your wedding gown to any of our 3 locations; or, we will pick up and deliver it to you for no extra charge.

Are you a locally owned company?

  • Yes, we’ve been satisfying customers for decades in Tampa, Plant City, and Seffner. By having your wedding gown cleaned using a local company, you’ll be much more than a one-time customer. We hope to clean all of your garments if you live or work within our dry cleaning and wash ’n’ fold delivery areas.

Wedding Gown Cleaning

Every wedding gown is individually hand cleaned at our store and never leaves our facility.

We use the same museum-quality preservation method as the members of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists which are represented in more than 500 cities around the world.

Wedding Gown Restoration

If you have a wedding gown or christening gown that has yellowed and stained over time, we can help! We specialize in cleaning wedding gowns and restoring antique gowns to their true color without damaging delicate fabrics and dyes.

Why are your wedding gown cleaning prices so low?

  • The charge to clean and preserve most wedding gowns is $385. There are special charges for expansive trains, fully-beaded dresses and certain designer and silk gowns. The real question is why do others charge so much? Our cleaning and preserving process is second to none. We offer the finest quality wedding gown cleaning at an affordable price.