Our laundry offerings are vastly superior compared to what our competitors offer.

Here’s why:

We sanitize laundry.

We are the only launderer in Tampa Bay that uses Endex-99, a product made by the Faultless Company which is an EPA registered product that has been proven to kill the Coronavirus. We have been using this product for years to provide our customers with clothes that are clean and sanitized.

Our prices are much less.

We charge by the bag not the pound. You never have a surprise as to how many pounds of laundry you have. We give our customers a large, 24″ by 36″ bag which holds between 20 and 30 pounds of clothes. Most competitors charge $2 per pound which would make their laundry cost between $40 and $50 per bag. We charge less than $27.50 per week for one bag per week. Have more clothes? A second bag is only $20 extra.

We are great for the planet.

Commercial laundry machines use approximately 30% less water and energy. Commercial washers spin so fast, think jet engine speed, most of the water from the final rinse is spun out of the clothes which significantly reduces drying time. Furthermore, we dry clothes using natural gas which is abundant, cheap and produced in the USA.

Never do laundry again.

We are great for families, seniors, students, Airbnb’s and anyone that doesn’t want to spend hours sorting darks and lights, washing, drying and folding clothes. We give people time.

We do it all.

In addition to laundry service, we dry clean and press clothes. We clean and preserve wedding gowns and we are the only cleaner in our area that cleans and refinishes leather. We give our laundry customers a separate bag to use for items they want dry cleaned, pressed or want stains removed.

Lastly and very importantly, we are one of the few cleaners that have our own branded app that allows customers to conveniently order our service and communicate with us. The app can be obtained by texting “Mango” to 555888 or; of course, at the app store.