For those of you who read about the NY coat, I must tell you that it has been through all the cousins and has been restored for THEIR children. Personally, I’ve had much delight seeing my grandchildren wear clothes that have been passed down for two generations. I have a picture of my two- year-old self wearing a dress that not only did I wear, but my children and my grandchildren have worn. I must concede that the grandchildren have worn it to placate “Bama,” but still, I have the pictures!

While digging through all the items packed away in boxes, in preparation to “downsize,” I came across my wedding dress. Unfortunately, my daughters were not able to wear it, but I decided that just like the NY coat it should be archived in case my grandchildren wanted to wear Bama’s wedding dress.

Mango Cleaners has an excellent preservation process that restores and saves gowns to museum quality. This means that the clothing is not only cleaned, but goes through a process called “museum restoration.” Usually having a wedding gown cleaned takes up to 3 months because it is sent to a place like NYC. Mango Cleaners does the restorative process in-house, eliminating the risk of loss or damage. Not only will you have your most memorable dress cleaned, you will have it returned to you looking beautiful – just like the bride who wore it!

Mango is a perfect choice for the preservation of your wedding gown because it stays at the source and is preserved to museum quality. The entire process only takes about a week and is less expensive than most bridal gown cleaning services. I had the New York coat preserved by the restoration process, and it awaits the next owner! If you want to ensure your special items remain timeless, I highly recommend having them cleaned, restored AND preserved. If no one is interested in wearing the clothing you’ve so lovingly saved, they make for the best dress up box in town!

Speaking of timeless, “Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?” is a great documentary about the famous Mr. Rogers. Before watching the movie I thought Mr. Rogers was simply a goofy guy changing sweaters in the closet who talked to puppets! Who knew he changed television programming in a big way and that each episode had a life message? I highly recommend watching it if you get the opportunity. Wonder if those sweaters have been preserved to museum quality?

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