Listening to Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” has always brought a picture to my mind. Honestly, I must admit that I am in that picture. Like most women, I’ve always been aware that the practice of having a “little black dress” is in fact, practical. A basic black dress can be simple and serviceable for meetings or even funerals. Depending on the occasion, adding a variety of accessories can transform my dress into spectacular or sexy. I find I like to pair it with my red leather heels.

This Christmas I received a gift certificate from my children for one of my favourite clothing stores. Between Christmas and New Year’s, I stopped in to the store and found a great red dress that could be an alternative to my basic black one.

New Year’s Eve has never been one of my favourite nights, but this year I had an opportunity that intrigued me because of the fine dining, craft cocktails, delicious wine, great music and dancing…AND I had my new red dress! I do not typically plan my outfits prior to getting dressed, but for some reason I did. To my horror, one of my red shoes had an undeniable scuff. First world problem for sure, but it threatened to ruin my vision of looking “wonderful”. What was I to do?

I recalled that a few years ago when I was at Mango Cleaners that they did shoe repairs. Quickly I called Mango and was delighted to hear that yes indeed, they could fix the scuff on my favorite red heels. Cayla, who is always so helpful, took pity on me when I explained my dilemma. Normally shoe repair takes several days, but she understood my problem and kindly offered to put a rush on the red shoe.

Thanks to Mango, I welcomed 2018 dressed in red and feeling wonderful!

The staff at Mango work hard at their craft and have a sense of pride when able to complete a job that produces customer satisfaction. You might want to make a mental note like I did…Mango Cleaners is able to help with all kinds of shoe disasters such as scuffs on leather and suede, heel and sole repair. You can have your dress shoes “spruced up” and made to look like new, as well as having a water resistant coating applied to protect them. Do you need new sports shoes? Mango repairs and replaces grommets too! Save your money by repairing your shoes instead of heading out to purchase a new pair. Treat yourself to something else instead.

Mango Cleaners goes the extra mile to help with all your clothing and footwear needs. Do you know that they will actually pick your items up and deliver them back to your door? Contact them at (813) 684-4955 or visit their website to schedule service or to inquire about your dry cleaning needs. Their business hours are Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm and Saturday 8am to 2pm. For same day service you can drop off by 9am, to be ready by 5.

Thank you Mango Cleaners!

The Red Shoe