Every time I hear a person say “No thanks,” to something they’ve never tried I think of Dr. Seuss and “Green Eggs and Ham”. The offering might not be a favourite of yours – or mine, but I believe that without trying things, we miss out on many life experiences, perhaps pleasant ones!

I’m certainly not advocating reckless abandon, just an open mind!

Recently I was invited to go on a catamaran trip, one week on a vessel in the Virgin Islands. Sleeping, eating and recreation with eight people. Not being a swimmer or a snorkeler, I had my doubts. Everyone I knew had advice for me…
It’s an experience of a lifetime, go and enjoy…
A whole week cooped up with the same people and no way to escape?
Make sure you take motions sickness medication!
Do you have UV protective clothing?

With all these thoughts mulling around in my head I had to make a decision and good old Dr. Seuss came to mind.

Yes, I might get sick so – I got a prescription for sea sickness.
No, I didn’t have UV protective clothing so I purchased a few items and loaded up on sun screen.
Swimming is not a forte of mine, however I was assured there were flotation devices onboard.
BUT the biggest truth is that I wasn’t likely to be presented with that kind of opportunity again so I said “YES, thank you for thinking of me!”

Happily all the obstacles were overcome, the motion sickness meds worked and the crew had wrist bands that I wore for the rest of the trip with excellent results. I learned how to snorkel and didn’t drown. UV protective clothing and sun screen shielded me from sun burn and I came back looking healthy and happy. Spending seven days with the same people allowed me to cement relationships with 7 friends. Being a bit of a foodie, I tried some obscure combinations that were tasty…radish slices spread with cold butter and salt, Cheese Ritz crackers topped with soft cheddar and a marshmallow toasted in the oven, toast with peanut butter, cheese and a few slices of green onion, and potato chips spread with cream cheese and capers.

Basically I tried a host of new things, all with positive results!

Upon my return I was quickly back into the same old routine, one of which was piles of laundry. Typically, my washer and dryer are never empty and I’m constantly aware of the need to be on top of it. What a perfect time to try something new! I decided to give Mango Cleaners’ Laundry Club a go, something I’d never done and worth a try. I gathered all the laundry and called Mango. I learned that they would pick up my laundry, wash it, dry it, fold it and return it to me in their own bags for reuse. Depending on your needs, you choose a tailor made program for you, or your family. Simply choose the number of bags required and how often you want it picked up. They sort your clothes into lights and darks and everything comes back fresh, clean and folded, ready to put back into your closet or drawers.

Once again, trying something new proved to be an eye opener. I’m now a member of the Mango Laundry Club and have taken one very time consuming task off my plate. My job was to put the laundry into the Mango bags, I used one for laundry to be folded, one for pressed items which come back on hangers and one for dry cleaning. I’ve been singing praises of Mango Cleaners to my friends and some have followed Dr. Seuss’ advice and tried it too, which is a bonus for me. When you recommend a friend to the club and they too join, you get one month free service!

Treat yourself to the freedom from laundry and enjoy more leisure time! In my opinion, laundry is like cleaning – the product is great, but the process is tedious and time consuming.

Why not take a load (of laundry) off your list and Try it Try it and you May?

Try it Try it and You May