Do you ever sit in your business meetings and find yourself daydreaming or catch your mind wandering? I do, probably more times than not. Just the other day, I happened to become distracted by analyzing the different attire worn by my colleagues. I am not talking about comparing who was wearing a tie or jacket, or which type of skirt most of my female colleagues were wearing, but instead the quality of everyone’s clothing. Some of my colleagues are truly decked out from head-to-toe, “dressed to the nines” as you might call it. Then I got to thinking about those people around me and the impact that our attire and its perceived quality has on our success. It brought me to the question of, “do more successful people dress differently?” Aren’t you more likely to trust someone with your assets who not only has knowledge of your options, but also exemplifies a ‘look’ of professionalism and success? Don’t you want others to see you as someone who portrays such qualities? If so, then you need to be aware of “textile dysfunction.” Individuals suffering from textile dysfunction lack the crisp look in their garments, such as distinct creases in their pants and jackets, nicely pressed shirts, skirts and dresses. As much as we try, there is not enough spray starch in the world for us to recreate the crisp, professional look our clothes get when they are properly dry cleaned. Not to mention, dry cleaning lengthens the life of your garments. Let Mango Cleaners help you look your best and “seal that deal.”

Mango has locations in Seffner and Plant City. Too busy meeting with clients and networking at happy hours? Mango offers free pick-up and delivery service throughout Hillsborough County. You can also save time doing laundry by joining the Mango Laundry Club. We also offer leather cleaning and shoe repair services. You can contact Mango today to set-up your service (813)684-4955.

Avoid Textile Dysfunction