Two words…Blot. Fast!

Let’s talk about “fast” first. The sooner you can treat a stain, the better chance you have of getting rid of it! So many of our customers wear an item, acquire a stain, and simply toss the garment into a closet or laundry basket. The longer the stain goes untreated, the more likely it will set and not be completely removable.

As for “blot,” please remember you should never rub a stain: You will just keep rubbing it into the fabric. Be sure to use a clean white cloth or towel. Keep replacing the towel or cloth with a clean one. If it is a food stain, remove as much of it as possible before blotting. If you can wash the item at home, do it right away! Use stain-removal products or item other products commercially available then wash as directed. DO NOT dry the item in the dryer until you are certain that the stain has been removed. You may need to wash it more than once to get the stain out completely!

If the item is “dry clean only” please bring to us right away. When dropping of your item, be sure to point out the stain and let us know what caused it.

Keep in mind, Mango Cleaners can remove most stains from garments and specialty items.

What is the Best Way to Remove Stains?