My little league parent friends spend lots of time trying to get the remnants of a ‘game well played’ out of their kids’ uniforms. However, Major League Baseball teams seem to have no problem getting their uniforms to look brand new each time they take the field. What is their trick? I am going to let you in on a little secret, the ‘trick’ is dry cleaning! Yes, dry cleaners use a special detergent specifically for taking the clay out of sports uniforms. This special detergent was created by the Sports Division of the Faultless Company, the same company who also created Magic Sizing and Faultless Spray Starch. Not to mention, dry cleaners can also get rid of grass stains and other remnants of the baseball diamond. Instead of using endless amounts of stain removers and valuable time trying to get those uniforms to look like they did on team picture day, take your uniforms to Mango Cleaners. Mango will use the same process utilized to clean Major League Baseball uniforms to also ensure your travel team, little league, or school sports team look their best.

Mango Cleaners has locations in Seffner and Plant City. For those busy sports parents and coaches, Mango Cleaners has free pick-up and delivery service throughout Hillsborough County. Contact Mango Cleaners to service your little league uniform needs (813) 684-4955. After all, you want your athlete to play their best, why shouldn’t they also look their best?

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