As a busy professional I am always looking for ways to have extra time in between traveling for my job, staying fit and engaging in somewhat of a social life when home on the weekends. I have found that many Sunday nights are spent cramming in household chores, including my laundry, while also preparing for the week ahead. Recently I came across a flyer on the announcement board in the mailroom of my condo building advertising a laundry service. Many of my friends and family members “outsource” household tasks by hiring a maid, pool cleaner or lawn service, however I never thought about “outsourcing” my laundry. I took a picture of the flyer with my cell phone and visited the company’s website. What I found was that a local dry cleaner, Mango Cleaners, has a Laundry Club where members can join for FREE! All I needed to do was pay a monthly fee, as opposed to by the pound like other services, and they would pick up my laundry and deliver it 3 business days later completely washed, dried and folded. The very next day I contacted Mango Cleaners, and easily joined the Laundry Club over the phone. It has been about a month since I decided to outsource my laundry, and it has changed my life! After my busy weekly travel schedule, I no longer have to take time out of fun and rejuvenating weekend activities to make sure my laundry is done for the upcoming week. A bonus is that Mango organizes my laundry items, which saves time when packing and putting things away. If you are looking for a way to gain valuable time doing activities that enhance your life, you should consider outsourcing your laundry with Mango Cleaners. Details and Laundry Club enrollment information can be found here.

Outsourcing My Laundry