I am a busy, working mom. I can stretch 24 hours into what seems like 50, but I’ll admit, I never considered truly cleaning my curtains. Laundry in my house includes school clothes, sports uniforms, and whatever else the dogs get muddy. I’ve been a Mango customer for a few years maximizing the free pick-up and delivery for my husband’s work uniforms and my occasional dress or gown. A few months ago when calling Mango to arrange a pick-up, I was asked if I had anything else I would like for them to clean. I responded with, “Like what?” and when they mentioned rugs, curtains, or bedding, I immediately answered “No” out of habit. Later that night after the kids went to bed, I actually looked at my curtains for the first time in years. I guess I didn’t realize the dust and dirt that had been building up over time, and when I looked closer at my living room rug, I was surprised to see how different the colors looked up close.

The next morning, I called Mango Cleaners to revisit the conversation about cleaning my rugs and curtains. Once they explained that I could utilize the free pick-up and delivery for these items too, I decided to give it a try. Their staff explained the cleaning process for these items based on their fabrics, and I trusted their experience enough to say “whatever you think is best works for me.” That was a great choice! My items were returned looking better than ever. I had forgotten how vibrant my rugs had been, and the light seemed to shine through my curtains better in their new, clean state. Not only did I feel better having clean items, but I realized that my family’s health was affected by the germs in this dirt and grime that I had overlooked for so long. I can now say that “laundry” in my house includes much more than clothes, and with all of Mango’s cleaning services, I can still handle all of my other responsibilities without sacrificing cleanliness.

Who Cleans the Rest of Your House?