Fall is one of my favorite seasons! I get to enjoy wearing sweaters and leather boots, watching football, and the cooler temps. As I have been changing out my summer wardrobe with my “fall” attire, it occurred that my leather boots and purse could use some revitalization. The last time I attempted to clean my leather items on my own, I caused them to become discolored. So this week, I noticed a flyer in my Mango Laundry Club bag inviting me to utilize my 10% Laundry Club Member discount on cleaning my fall/winter items, including my leather boots and purse. Mango Cleaners and Laundry cleans all leather items in-house, as opposed to other cleaners who send to wholesale leather cleaners. I know that Mango is environmentally friendly, so no harsh cleaners will be used on my favorite pair of boots and purse. Their free pick-up and delivery service is an easy timesaver! To ensure you are ready for the ‘change of seasons’ check out Mango Cleaners and Laundry dry cleaning and specialty services.

Happy Fall Y’all!